APS Curriculum

APS curriculum is designed to inculcate creative abilities and impart problem-solving skills enabling a child to discover his/her inherent strengths. It develops curiosity and an inquisitive spirit in the children apart from the mere academics.
APS curriculum at al levels will emphasize on Knowledge, Skills,Innovation and Values.
APS nourishes its child’s calibre steadily right from its root to promote a natural and lasting growth, rather than adopt ‘quick-fix’ methods which only produce temporary results and ‘eye-wash’ parent impressions!
APS caters to various co-curriculum activities such as physical training (PT), sports, games activities like music, Dance, drama, debate, acting, story telling, arts, crafts, yoga and community services.
APS will provide balance in its curricular and co-curricular activities that lay foundation for a child to be an integrated ideal personality through the pleasurable and innovative learning process.